We create out loud

It is so easy to make things complicated. My concept started out simple (write that book!), but then in my zeal, I soon created a website with weekly content, a mailing list with additional weekly content, a Twitter and Facebook account with even more content, on top of a program that delivers weekly assignments (with […]


We act out of love, not fear

I went to &yetconf last week (the most life-changing event I’ve ever attended). On the last day, we toured the B Reactor in Hanford, which ended up instigating a community discussion on the ethical implications of the technology we’re building. This isn’t an article arguing for or against the use of the atomic bomb; however, […]


We start with ourselves

“Why does Gather the People start with all of this self-inquiry? Aren’t we supposed to be defining our target audience and figuring out what they need and want?” That is one way of looking at it. And perhaps it is the right way, if what we are making is a widget that solves a specific […]


We measure our progress

Because I write about these lofty ideals around business and art, you may be tempted to think I am a better person than I am. I am not. I write these things because I need to hear them more than anyone. Because there is a silly, striving, ego-stroking side of me that threatens to take […]


We see what’s happening on the inside

Sometimes Facebook makes me hate myself a little bit. I click and scroll past the point of what is healthy, knowing they’ve designed it to keep me there as long as possible, and yet unable to stop myself without focused effort. On the outside, it is working. I am clicking. It looks like Facebook won […]


We use our magic

There is always some new way of communicating that’s dazzling everybody on the Internet. Back in the day, it was YouTube. Several years ago, it was Pinterest. Now it’s Periscope. In addition to that, podcasting is experiencing a revival. I am often tempted to use these platforms, and sometimes I do. It’s fun, and maybe […]


We create with empathy

My project list is divided into three categories: writing, customers/clients, and growth. These are the only areas I spend my time on when I’m working. Often, I receive requests that fall outside these areas. I have a list for those, too: it’s called “other people’s priorities”. We may not realize it, but we all have […]


Beauty is practical

If I were born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I have a hunch I would be an entirely right-brained person. I love anything that makes me feel something. My dream is to live in a treehouse and do nothing except for exactly what I want to do, all the time. This would include […]


Our work is theater

When I was a kid, I used to volunteer at The Barter Theater. It didn’t feel like volunteering. It felt like a great trick that allowed me to hang out with the most fascinating, wonderful people in the most fascinating, wonderful place. Sometimes I’d volunteer in the gift shop. Other times I’d help out as […]